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Personal Spirituality Full of Grace, Filled with the Spirit

Mary Was a “First” in God’s Saving Plan

Dec 2011
Personal Spirituality Waiting in Joyful Hope

A heavenly perspective can change your earthly life.

Nov 2011
Personal Spirituality The Last and Greatest Journey

Prepare now—in trust and joy—and Jesus at your side.

Nov 2011
Personal Spirituality A Love Letter from God

Psalm 139 speaks to the heart.

Nov 2011
Personal Spirituality The Farmer Who Had too Much

A Story about How to Find Contentment

Oct 2011
Marriage & Family The Question that Changed My Life

It could change yours, too.

Oct 2011
Personal Spirituality Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

Heavenly Helpers You Can Count On

Sep 2011
Personal Spirituality Got Goliaths?

David shows us how to rise above fear and never lose hope.

Sep 2011
Personal Spirituality Good News You Can Use

St. Monica and the Power of Love

Aug 2011
Personal Spirituality World Youth Day

The Young Face of the Church

Aug 2011
Prayer In Praise of Jesus’ Resurrection

A Scriptural Litany

Apr 2011
Personal Spirituality St. Francis of Assisi and the Crucified Christ

The Mystery of the Stigmata

Apr 2011
Prayer Conversations With God

The Blessings of Keeping a Prayer Journal

Mar 2011
Prayer “Abba, Father!”

St. Joseph is a glimpse of the Father’s heart.

Mar 2011
Saints & Christian Heroes Pressing On to Win the Prize

St. Paul’s life speaks to us.

Jan 2011
Marriage & Family Stepping Up to the Plate

Baptism calls us to do God’s work.

Jan 2011
Personal Spirituality We Have Seen His Glory

St. John's words carry great promise for us as well.

Dec 2010
Personal Spirituality Going Further with God

The Call to — And Excitement of — Ongoing Conversion

Oct 2010
Personal Spirituality Embracing God’s Word

Reflecting on Luke 12:49-53

Oct 2010
Personal Spirituality Face to Face with God

What Makes a Prophet?

Sep 2010
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