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Personal Spirituality Jubilantly Unemployed

I entrusted my unknown future to an all-knowing God.

Nov 2015
Prayer The Saints Teach Us to Converse with God

Nov 2015
Saints & Christian Heroes Saint of the Confessional

How St. John Vianney Brought a Whole Town to Conversion

Aug 2015
Personal Spirituality I Can Do All Things in Christ

We can do whatever God asks of us because Jesus has given us his divine strength.

Jul 2015
Saints & Christian Heroes The Birth of St. John the Baptist

The Church recalls and celebrates the birth of St. John the Baptist each year on June 24.

Jun 2015
Saints & Christian Heroes A Choice for God: The Life of Henriette Delille

May 2015
Saints & Christian Heroes Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, an Apostle of Hope

May 2015
Personal Spirituality A New Vision for a New Year

Let’s not limit what God can do in us!

Jan 2015
Personal Spirituality “If Today You Hear His Voice . . .”

How to listen to God in Scripture

Aug 2014
Personal Spirituality Face to Face with God

What Makes a Prophet?

Jun 2014
Prayer Change Is Possible

Thoughts on Change

May 2014
Personal Spirituality What to Think about Money?

Three Guidelines from the Sermon on the Mount

Apr 2014
Personal Spirituality For Those Who Have Ears to Hear . . .

The Promise of Receiving God’s Revelation

Nov 2013
Personal Spirituality Jesus Loves Me as I Am

He’s my Savior, not my accuser.

Oct 2013
Prayer Return to the Lord!

The Book of Haggai has a message for us today.

Sep 2013
Personal Spirituality When Jesus Brings Division

In confronting sin, he’s anything but “meek and mild.”

Aug 2013
Saints & Christian Heroes What We Can Learn from St. Ignatius

He shows us how to pay attention.

Jul 2013
Personal Spirituality Choosing the “Better Part”

Let nothing distract you from Jesus.

Jul 2013
Personal Spirituality Depression, Suicide, and Galatians 2

Jesus showed me that my suffering was linked with his.

Jun 2013
Marriage & Family When the Going Gets Tough, I Go to Jesus

New strength through Eucharistic Adoration

Jun 2013
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