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Prayer Prayers to Calm the Soul and Strengthen the Spirit

Sep 2015
Prayer Have Mercy, Lord!

King David’s prayer of repentance offers us a key to knowing the merciful touch of Jesus.

Mar 2015
Personal Spirituality “I Beg You to Forgive”

A lesson from the life of St. Francis

Oct 2014
Saints & Christian Heroes Over All These, Put On Love

Jesus offers a way to heal and strengthen our relationships.

Jun 2014
Personal Spirituality A Place in God’s Family

I found it when I learned to forgive.

Dec 2013
Personal Spirituality Why All Souls Day Is Important

Goodbye, imperfections!

Nov 2013
Personal Spirituality The Triumphant Message of the Cross

What Jesus’ victory means for each and every one of us.

Sep 2013
Personal Spirituality Holy Spirit Moments

Four glimpses of the Spirit at work in daily life.

May 2013
Personal Spirituality I Left Bitterness Behind

How God allowed hope and healing to flower in my life

Mar 2013
Personal Spirituality The Father Is Raising You Up

His grace always has the last word.

Mar 2013
Prayer A Prayer Inspired by Psalm 51

What a gift it is to be forgiven!

Mar 2013
Marriage & Family The Sin Basket

A family’s faults go up in smoke.

Feb 2013
Personal Spirituality Sweeter than Revenge

A Tale of Industrial Espionage

Nov 2012
Personal Spirituality “I Beg You to Forgive”

A lesson from the life of St. Francis

Oct 2012
Personal Spirituality The Ghosts of Vietnam

How one man found peace after years of haunting memories.

Jul 2012
Marriage & Family The Breath of Life

The Spirit-Inspired Origins of a Unique Pro-Life Outreach

May 2012
Prayer Blessed Are the Merciful

How do you respond when a loved one is murdered?

Apr 2012
Prayer Get Right with God

And get free of sin’s heavy chains

Mar 2012
Marriage & Family A Saint? Under My Roof?

Kids, Confession, and the Call to Holiness

Oct 2011
Personal Spirituality Lessons Learned from My Divorce

Jun 2011
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