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Marriage & Family Coaching Kids to Career Success

Eight Things Parents and Grandparents Can Do

Jan 2016
Saints & Christian Heroes St. John Neumann, the Common Man’s Saint

Jan 2016
Marriage & Family Imitating the Holy Family

Four Traits That Make It Possible

Dec 2015
Personal Spirituality Born to Save Us

Born of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Brings New Life to the World

Dec 2015
Saints & Christian Heroes St. Luke the Artist Paints with Words

Tradition tells us that Luke was a painter, and that in writing his Gospel, he set out to paint with words

Nov 2015
Marriage & Family “Male and Female He Created Them”

The Communion of Love between a Husband and Wife Finds Its Ultimate Source in God

Nov 2015
Saints & Christian Heroes St. Ignatius of Antioch

Portrait of a Martyr

Sep 2015
Prayer Prayers to Calm the Soul and Strengthen the Spirit

Sep 2015
Marriage & Family Playing on an Interfaith Team

When Dad and Mom Are on Different Paths . . .

Aug 2015
Personal Spirituality I Can Do All Things in Christ

We can do whatever God asks of us because Jesus has given us his divine strength.

Jul 2015
Personal Spirituality When Your Worst Fear Becomes Reality

I can’t think. I can hardly pray. But I can trust and love.

Apr 2015
Personal Spirituality My Lord and My God!

The apostle Thomas was blessed to see Jesus. But what about us?

Apr 2015
Marriage & Family Charity Begins at Home

How to set a tone of loving service in your family.

Feb 2015
Marriage & Family A Juggling Act

Finding Balance in Our Lives Requires a Relationship with God

Jan 2015
Personal Spirituality Time to Wake Up!

Set some goals for Advent.

Dec 2014
Prayer Faith: What It Is, What It’s Not

It’s important to know the difference.

Nov 2014
Personal Spirituality Got Goliaths?

David shows us how to rise above fear and never lose hope.

Sep 2014
Personal Spirituality Keys to Healing

Four Ways to Experience Jesus’ Power

Jul 2014
Personal Spirituality To the Ends of the Earth

The Easter miracle is still at work today.

May 2014
Personal Spirituality Wisdom for Every “Martha”

Brother Lawrence found the secret of abiding joy.

Feb 2014
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