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Saints & Christian Heroes Sts. Simon and Jude, Apostles

Oct 2015
Marriage & Family Sharing the Faith That You Love

How can all of us, everyday people who have no special training, become zealous evangelists?

Jul 2015
Saints & Christian Heroes The Undercover Priest

Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro

Nov 2014
Personal Spirituality To the Ends of the Earth

The Easter miracle is still at work today.

May 2014
Personal Spirituality The Magi, the Holy Spirit, and You

How a Journey from Long Ago Invites Us Today

Dec 2013
Personal Spirituality Soapbox Catholics

The Lay Witness of Sheed and Ward

Nov 2013
Personal Spirituality Learn to Share the Gospel

You can do it! Here’s how.

Oct 2013
Personal Spirituality Every Parish, A Place of Love

Building an Evangelistic Environment

Sep 2013
Personal Spirituality What Is Conversion?

How our choice and God’s grace work together.

Sep 2013
Saints & Christian Heroes St. Dominic, the Unknown

To know God and to make him known was this powerful preacher’s aim.

Aug 2013
Personal Spirituality Choosing to Evangelize

Opportunities are there—if we’re willing to take them.

Apr 2013
Personal Spirituality Friends Evangelizing Friends

Matthew Kelly’s simple, prayerful approach to evangelism.

Jan 2013
Personal Spirituality Blessed Are the Peacemakers

That’s you!

Jan 2013
Saints & Christian Heroes A Passionate Church

Where did the first believers get their courage and conviction?

Dec 2012
Saints & Christian Heroes The Undercover Priest

Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro

Nov 2012
Personal Spirituality Share Your Faith in This Year of Faith

Two keys to help you do it.

Oct 2012
Saints & Christian Heroes Evangelization by Way of Disaster

How Christianity came to Ethiopia

Apr 2012
Saints & Christian Heroes Witness to a Transformed Life

Even the great St. Paul had to keep growing in holiness.

Jan 2012
Personal Spirituality Jesus Needs You!

And he wants you to help him change the world.

Oct 2011
Personal Spirituality Let Your Light Shine!

How to Write and Share Your Own Personal Witness

Sep 2011
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