Visions of the Messiah

Praying the Psalms Can Reveal Jesus to Us

Visions of the Messiah

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Have you ever liked a movie so much that you simply had to see it a second, or even a third time?

Have you ever noticed how, on that second or third viewing, you were able to pick up on more clues about the way the movie would end? Especially if it had a surprise ending, you might be able to see more hints about that surprise as you paid closer attention to some details that you may have missed the first time around. Perhaps something that a secondary character said halfway through the story tips you off this time, but you skipped over it earlier because you didn’t know how important it was.

This kind of experience can help us understand the way the first Christians looked back over their earlier convictions once they experienced Jesus as risen from the dead. He really was the Son of God! He really was the Messiah Israel had been longing for!…

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