Transformed into Christ

Three Practical Steps

Transformed into Christ

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1. Be filled by God. There is a big difference between an empty gas tank and a full one. Likewise, God wants us to be regularly filling up on his grace, not running on empty.

There are many ways to fill ourselves up with God, including reading and meditating on Scripture, praying and singing to God, and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal the wisdom of God to us. Probably the best way to be filled up with Jesus is to receive the Eucharist with an open heart.

2. Listen for the Holy Spirit.

It’s the Spirit’s job to take our virtues such as kindness, love, and generosity and prune off any “dead branches” so that we will bear more fruit. He wants to make us more loving, more thoughtful, more generous, and more like Jesus—and he does this by giving us divine grace. All he asks is that we listen for his promptings and learn to rely on his power.

As the Holy Spirit moves in us and opens up new desires in our…

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