To the Ends of the Earth

The Easter miracle is still at work today.

To the Ends of the Earth

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It’s amazing. No single event has affected so many individual lives over the course of so many centuries as the resurrection of Jesus from the dead nearly two thousand years ago.

Think about how chaotic things were when Jesus died on Good Friday. The apostles were too busy fighting among themselves about who was the greatest to understand what Jesus meant when he said that he was going to his Father. Peter denied even knowing Jesus. And Judas killed himself. Everything seemed so bleak.

But everything changed after Jesus rose again. The apostles’ faith and hope were restored. Jesus commanded them to go and make disciples of the whole world, and they responded with passion and dedication. They were so convinced that they even stayed together in Jerusalem waiting for the Holy Spirit to come upon them—even though they didn’t really know who this “Holy Spirit” was or what he would do!

Then came Pentecost, when the apostles experienced Jesus’ presence in a whole new way. They banded together…

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