Three Steps to a Simpler, Richer (and Saner) Summer

A mother’s “minimum plan” makes for maximum benefits

Three Steps to a Simpler, Richer (and Saner) Summer

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Every year when our children were growing up, I used to feel ambushed by summer. As school came to an end and our regular schedule disappeared, it was a struggle to change gears and begin dealing with that familiar question: “I’m bored, Mom, what can I do?”

For years, I felt disoriented when school let out. I also felt it was my job as a responsible mother to give my kids the “perfect” busy and happy summer, while maintaining the perfect house. I did my best, but it was an unreachable ideal.

As our kids got older, it was tempting to just sign them up for vacation activities and programs. This becomes impossibly expensive when you have six kids, however. And it doesn’t necessarily make for a peaceful summer that meets each child’s needs.

An Idea Is Born. The summers came and went, each one different. The children were a year older. Circumstances changed as they developed interests in various sports and volunteer opportunities. Some summers were laid back; others were a time for catching up academically.

But I also noticed that many factors…

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