The Word Made Flesh

Jesus has come to us. Will we accept him?

The Word Made Flesh

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Go outside on a clear day and look at the sun. See how generously it pours light upon the whole earth.

The sun is so bright that from a full 93 million miles away, it lights up an otherwise dark world. But the sun doesn’t only give us light. It makes things grow and flourish; it provides just the right amount of heat to sustain life in all of its variety and beauty. Imagine what the world would be like without the sun: nothing more than a giant ball of ice suspended in a darkened sky.

These brief reflections about the sun can help give us a sense of where we would be without the brightness of God’s love shining down upon us, providing warmth to our hearts and growth to our spirits. Just as the sun brings its light to everyone on the earth, so too does God shine his love over every living creature. Ever since the beginning of…

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