The Triumphant Message of the Cross

What Jesus’ victory means for each and every one of us.

The Triumphant Message of the Cross

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I was born on September 14, the Feast of the Triumph (or Exaltation) of the Cross. Perhaps this is what drew me to reflect on the cross from an early age.

As a child, I remember looking up at the large crucifix hanging in the church sanctuary. It seemed like a representation of a story from long, long ago. A Jesus who suffered and died—but I wasn’t sure why or what for. We had a crucifix in our home. We said rosaries and there, on the end of the long chain of Hail Marys and Our Fathers, hung Jesus. I heard the Scriptures year in and year out, and I believed that what they said was true. But what did the cross mean for me?

Then, on a retreat as a teenager, I gave my life to Jesus. I felt his love that day and knew he was really real and had a plan for my life. I could no longer question or deny. I knew it deep in my heart:…

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