The Ravine

Our Mini-Pilgrimage to the Martyrs’ Shrine

The Ravine

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When my wife and I began taking groups of pilgrims overseas some years ago, we prepared for each trip by making an exhaustive search of every local site that might be of interest to Catholics. It was fun to discover a shrine, church, monument, or memorial that we could work into each group’s travel itinerary.

One day it dawned on us that we could take the same approach as a family whenever we had to drive any distance or were going on vacation by car. Now, before each trip, we search the Internet and a guidebook to North American shrines to find promising Catholic spots to visit en route. Not only do these stops make a long trip more interesting, they also help us to keep a somewhat spiritual orientation in the face of hunger, tiredness, bathroom breaks, traffic jams, and miles of endless highway.

Discoveries and Inspirations. Of course, we learn more about our Catholic faith and heritage as we visit and read about each of these mini-pilgrimage places. We are amazed at how many there are! The church is so much bigger, diverse, and widespread than we had experienced.…

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