The Last and Greatest Journey

Prepare now—in trust and joy—and Jesus at your side.

The Last and Greatest Journey

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All of us will face the cold reality of death one day. It makes no difference where we live, how wealthy we are, or how much influence we have.

Every one of us is destined to die. And, if we’re honest with ourselves, we will admit that the thought of death makes us at least a little uncomfortable, if not downright scared.

God Is With Us. It’s natural to fear death. It’s normal to fear the unknown and to avoid thoughts of what it will be like to die. But these fears don’t have to overwhelm us or rob us of hope. The God who is always with us reaches out to us in a special way when we come to our final days. He knows our fears and worries, and he wants to comfort us in death, just as he wants to comfort us in life.

Think about the story of the “good thief” in Luke’s Gospel. Hanging on a cross next to Jesus, this man made…

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