Thanksgiving All Year Long

Thanksgiving All Year Long

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The national holiday of Thanksgiving—celebrated in November in the United States and in October in Canada—is a perfect opportunity to think about gratitude. It can remind us and our families about the importance of being grateful—for the Lord as the source of life, and for one another—all year long.

But thanksgiving as an attitude or a way of life didn’t originate in the New World. In fact, thanksgiving was a key element in the lives of the early Christians. The Greek word for thanksgiving, eucharisteo, is used more than sixty times in the New Testament as a response to the incredible generosity of Jesus, who poured his life out on the cross. Whenever the members of the early church pondered Jesus at Calvary, they responded by proclaiming their gratitude to him.

When Jesus instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist at the Last Supper, he revealed the heart of a Son who was deeply grateful to his Father. He was thankful for his Father’s abiding presence and everlasting love. He was thankful that his Father had sent him to save humanity and had strengthened him throughout his earthly journey so…

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