Saint Francis of Assisi’s Love of Creation

Saint Francis of Assisi’s Love of Creation

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Near the end of his life, Francis [of Assisi] was nearly blind and in constant pain from misguided treatments he had received for an ailment he probably contracted when he was traveling in Egypt and the Middle East.

Looking at any light brought on excruciating pain. Nonetheless, in the midst of these difficult conditions, Francis wrote one of the most beautiful songs ever composed in Italian, the “Canticle of the Creatures,” or the “Canticle of Brother Sun.”

In fact, it is recognized as one of the first such renderings of a song or poem in Italian. It is only appropriate that this most famous of Francis’ few writings would be in the common language of the people rather than in the formal language of Latin, which was spoken and written by scholars. Similarly, the Gospels were written in what is called koine Greek, which was not the formal Greek that learned people used. Rather, it was the Greek of the marketplace, the common language that crossed over cultural barriers in New Testament times. Neighbors spoke to other neighbors…

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