Praying for Our Families with Confidence

The Lord wants our children in his family even more than we do.

Praying for Our Families with Confidence

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I typically conclude my daily morning prayer with intercessions. I take about ten minutes to pray for family, friends, the sick, people who have asked me for prayer, and people that the Holy Spirit has brought to my attention. I entrust each person to the care of the Lord, who knows better than I do what each one needs most. I regard this intercessory prayer as part of my commitment as a follower of Christ. I see it as way of drawing others close to the Lord, which is my responsibility as his disciple.

Mary Lou and I have seven adult children, six of whom are married, and fifteen grandchildren. Along with Mary Lou, our family occupies the top spot on my list. Every day I pray confidently that each will come to know, love, and serve the Lord and be with him forever. In the 1980s and 1990s I wrote and spoke extensively about keeping kids Catholic. As some of my own children drifted away from the church, I focused my prayer squarely on their salvation in Christ.

I pray for my family with complete confidence. I am convinced that God always says yes to parents’ prayers for the salvation of their children. I believe that he cannot say no to such prayers because to do so would contradict his divine will.

Scripture and the church explain that God created human beings because…

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