Playing on an Interfaith Team

When Dad and Mom Are on Different Paths …

Playing on an Interfaith Team

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It would be great if husbands and wives were always at the same place along the same spiritual path, but life is often much more complicated. Ecumenical, or “mixed” marriages have become commonplace, and even couples who are both Catholic can find themselves growing apart spiritually.

There’s no doubt that couples of different faiths or spirituality face additional challenges—and deciding on their children’s religious education is only one of them. But with a little extra effort, many find that sensitivity to each other’s differences can bring them even closer to each other, and often, to God. Here are a few tips my husband and I have found from our own experience of being “team players” and supporting each other spiritually.

Welcome your spouse to church functions, but don’t push. When your faith is an important part of your life, it’s only natural to want your husband or wife to participate in faith-centered activities with you. If this works out, great! But remember that some people are more comfortable than others at the idea of attending religious services other than their own. Even if it’s only a…

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