A Lifeline in the Night

What do you do when you’re too worried to sleep?

A Lifeline in the Night

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The radio on the counter crackled. “Storm warnings posted along the entire northeast coastline,” the announcer said, “with high seas and gale force winds.” I smoothed another wrinkle with my fingers and pressed the steaming iron over the sleeve of my daughter’s blouse.

I set the iron on its heel and glanced out the kitchen window. The wind was getting stronger, the branches of the lilac rising and falling with each gust. Another storm to face alone.

“Mom! Mary keeps changing the channel,” my ten-year-old son, John, whined from the next room. “Make her stop!”

“I had the TV first,” twelve-year-old Mary insisted. “I can watch what I want.”

It was only four steps from the ironing board to the family room, but by the time I reached the door, the argument had turned into a shoving match. I snapped the TV off.

“Time to get ready for bed. If the two of you can’t get along, I’ll have to make a sign-up sheet so you can learn to take turns.” They continued their squabble…

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