Lessons from Saints Peter and Paul

What can we learn from these great heroes of the church?

Lessons from Saints Peter and Paul

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The feast of Saints Peter and Paul is on June 29. One way to celebrate it is to spend a little time thinking about their stories and what they mean for us. Here are a couple of reflections to consider.

St. Peter: Becoming a True Friend of Jesus.

Not long after he had risen from the dead, Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” Then he asked the same question again, “Do you love me?” Then a third time he asked, “Do you love me?” Each time Peter said, “Yes, I love you, Lord.”

Now Peter and Jesus were best friends. Despite his flaws, Peter was always trying to do whatever Jesus asked of him. He was always hungering after more of the Lord. During the three years that he spent with Jesus, Peter was taught, tested, and sifted, and through it all he became a true friend of the Lord. Still, Jesus chose to question Peter’s love—and three times! Why?

Some say it was so that Peter could undo the three times he denied Jesus on…

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