Jubilantly Unemployed

I entrusted my unknown future to an all-knowing God.

Jubilantly Unemployed

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After several decades in the food manufacturing industry, I rose to a position of respect and high compensation. But the year I turned fifty, my company fell on hard times. Tension began to mount in the factory, especially among those of us on the leadership team. I started to get defensive in the workplace. That’s when I realized I needed to adjust my priorities and seek God’s will for my career.

I began praying first thing every morning. Even before the sun was up I would talk to God. Then I’d journal my thoughts and ask for strength to face the day. One day I told God I felt full of confusion and wasted purpose. “Lord, you who know me better than I know myself, set my feet upon the right path and fire me up with a desire to do your will.” I ended my note that morning with an emphatic “Amen!”

A few hours later, the plant manager called me to his office and gently informed me that the company was downsizing. I would be among the first wave of employees to be let go. I remained outwardly calm. But inwardly, I was happily stunned—not to leave the company but to receive such a dramatic and sudden answer to…

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