I Believe in Miracles

Signs of Love from the Mighty Hand of God

I Believe in Miracles

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God’s presence in the world often leads to wonderful events that awaken us to divine power going beyond the observable laws of nature. We use the word “miracle,” which can have several different but related meanings, to describe these inexplicable events. There are medical miracles and miracles officially recognized by the church.

I am an example of a medical miracle. There is no reason at all why I’m able to write these words. In January 2004, I was a victim of a serious traffic accident. As a result, I was in a state equivalent to physical death for twenty-seven minutes. I had no vital signs. I had no blood pressure, no heartbeat, and no respiration. I was dead. Realizing that all these readings were flat, after fifteen minutes the doctors were going to give up on me. The young priest with me begged them to go on. They told him that if I revived, I would be a vegetable. It was absolutely clear to the medical personnel that if I lived, I would never think, I would never walk. But I did revive, and I do both!

However, I…

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