How to Really Love Your Husband

Use an action plan to build your marriage.

How to Really Love Your Husband

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Love letters, diamonds, chocolates, dinners for two, passionate embraces—none of us has any problem coming up with a short list of traditionally romantic ways to express love. But what about life’s ordinary seasons? How do you keep telling your spouse “I love you” when the gift budget is empty and you’re feeling more tired and preoccupied than starry-eyed?

Because every marriage is unique, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Yet there is a simple truth that all of us can use as a guide: Love is expressed in our daily actions.

Which actions? It all depends on who your husband is. In other words, putting your love in action means custom- designing an approach to fit the actual man that God has given you to love.

Making It Real. Many of us come into marriage with certain theories about how to express love. Unfortunately, our ideas don’t always match up with the way our spouses experience love in real life. If your husband likes his food plain, for example, he won’t swoon over the complicated entrée you’ve spent all day preparing!

To design your “love in action” plan, give some thought to who your husband is and how he experiences…

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