Hold Fast to the Truth!

What Newman Can Teach Us Today

Hold Fast to the Truth!

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“A pure block of purpose.” That’s how a friend of Newman’s summed up his life. From start to finish, Blessed John Henry Newman pursued one singular, overarching quest: the quest for truth.

As a student and professor at Oxford, as an Anglican preacher and scholar, and finally as a Catholic priest and cardinal, Newman dedicated himself to learning the truths of Jesus Christ and to living according to those truths. Truth was the “purpose” that Newman used to carve the “pure block” of his life.

The True Foundation. This thirst for the truth is what makes Newman a wonderful model for us in our own day and time. Newman understood that the surest and strongest foun­dation for our lives is the truth—the truth of who God is, the truth of who we are, and the truth of how God has called us to live. He understood that feelings—even religious, “spiritual” feelings—come and go and shouldn’t become the basis for our lives. He knew that public opinion rises and falls. And he knew…

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