He Signed

Remember his faithfulness to us.

He Signed

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“I didn’t sign up for this,” I grumpily muttered to myself one day not long ago. I forget what the problem was—something must have been going badly at home, at work, or just in my daily routine.

I’ve spoken those words often over the years without ever giving them a thought, and I’ve often heard them from co-workers, friends, politicians, and others. Someone says, “I didn’t sign up for this,” and everyone nods in agreement, almost as if the expression were a wise mantra for our times.

It must have been grace, but on that occasion I stopped to think about what I had just said. And to my shame, I realized how self-indulgent and wrong-spirited it was. I thought of someone I know who never once said or thought “I didn’t sign up for this,” though enduring unimaginable suffering. Of course, this is our Lord.

As I sat there quietly reflecting, I realized how often Jesus could have said “I didn’t sign up for this” during his earthly life. He bore the weight of my…

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