Got Goliaths?

David shows us how to rise above fear and never lose hope.

Got Goliaths?

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How do you react in the face of a danger that seems to loom large? It could be a threat on the global stage, like international terrorism, war, economic crisis, natural disaster, or news of a possible flu epidemic.

Or it could be something very personal, like an inner temptation that you just can’t seem to shake or a family crisis, like an alcoholic child, or a financial problem or a marriage that is falling apart.

Whenever we face these kinds of challenges, we generally have three choices. First, we can let fear paralyze us into inaction and indecision. Second, we can try to ignore the problem and carry on as if nothing has changed, pretending that everything is the way it used to be. Or third, we can face the problem head-on, rising to the challenge and doing all we can to overcome it. Of course, we know which is the nobler path to take. But it can still seem very intimidating. So let’s take a look at one story from the Old Testament that shows how one…

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