God’s Song of Love

St. Bernard of Clairvaux Reminds Us of God’s Passionate Love for Us

God’s Song of Love

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How many times have we heard someone tell us that God loves us? Love is a powerful and profound experience and yet those words—“God loves you”—can be so easily forgotten amid the day-to-day routine of life.

We remember rules, and we tend to think of God as one who is watching constantly to record our faults. When we think of God as our Father, something in the back of our minds whispers: “Judge.” A “guilty” verdict often arises as we recall some of our daily acts. It’s no wonder, for we live in an extremely “legal” age.

We also live in a time of dizzying technological expansion as radio and television, compact discs, computer networks, and cellular phones compete with one another for every minute of our day. Sixty-hour work weeks, school and extra-curricular activities, homework, housework, yard work: We are so busy that it is easy for us to consign faith—and the love of God that is at its heart—to the mere practice of religious ritual.

The truth is that God created us to have…

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