Get Right with God

And get free of sin’s heavy chains

Get Right with God

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Jesus’ opponents flashed their credentials: “We are descendants of Abraham” (John 8:33). They must have thought they had it made. They came from the noble ancestry of Abraham and Moses and David.

With such a pedigree, why would they ever think of themselves as slaves in need of liberation—especially by someone as common as Jesus? But the truth is that every one of us—no matter who our ancestors are—experiences bondage to sin or attachments to worldly things.

Jesus plainly told these religious leaders that sin enslaves (John 8:34). That’s true for all of us. By going our own way and trying to “free” ourselves from God, we actually became bound to sin. And in this bondage, sin will blind us to healthy, life-giving alternatives, stifling our freedom to choose. It’s easier than we often think to get caught in a cycle of disobedience by following our selfish inclinations and disregarding the harm we are doing to ourselves and others in the process.

Fortunately for us, the freedom that Jesus won on the cross has restored our ability to love and choose God above all else. It’s now up to us to learn how to embrace that freedom and let it transform us. This is why the Sacrament of Reconciliation is such an awesome gift! When we confess our sins, Jesus does much more than just forgive us. At every Confession, he pours out rivers of grace, empowering us to be set free more and more from sin and its effects.

While Jesus’ enemies thought they had nothing to worry about, we know better. We all know how strong temptation can be. But however strong sin is, Jesus is infinitely stronger. And his mercy is new every morning. Easter is coming fast. Why not unburden yourself in Confession and let his grace flow in your life?

Holocaust survivor Corrie Ten Boom once told a crowd, “When we confess our sins, God casts them into the deepest ocean, gone forever. And even though I cannot find a Scripture for it, I believe God places a sign out there that says, ‘No fishing allowed.’ “ Although it may take time, let Jesus’ forgiveness release you from slavery so you can be free to choose God’s will in every situation.

“Jesus, you are the antidote for sin. Free me from slavery to created things so that I may love you above all else and love those around me generously and unselfishly!”