Friends in Heaven

No one should have to carry the load alone.

Friends in Heaven

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One of my boyfriends called it “stacking.” “You’re stacking,” he’d say, when he caught me unnecessarily reviewing every problem that I might possibly have in a lifetime all at once, rather than dealing with problems that were present and solvable.

He was right. Sometimes when I felt overwhelmed, I did see the glass half empty, with a crack on the lip, and a slow drip in the bottom, and no money to buy a new glass, and no gas in my car to drive to the store to buy the new glass that I couldn’t afford—and to top it off, my car was contributing to global warming, and where would we live when all the ice caps melted? You get the idea. But in my defense, let’s face it, sometimes life does some real stacking for us.

Case in Point. A few years ago, I had returned to Boston, where I own a house I was trying desperately to sell. It is a gross understatement to say that I was having no luck during my visit of several weeks.…

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