Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

A Prayer to move away from fear and toward Jesus.

Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

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“Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.” —John 14:27

How common it is to believe that we have no control over what or how our “hearts” feel. “I wish I didn’t feel so troubled,” we say, “but I just can’t help it.” Perhaps we can learn to move in the direction in which Jesus is inviting us here. We can begin by accepting the fear or distress we experience and by determining to learn from it. When fear arises, we can ask the Lord to show us why we are feeling this way. We may gain an important insight about ourselves or others by asking this question. Often when we simply acknowledge the feelings, they begin to diminish, and that very change may launch us in the direction of peacefulness.

“Lord, help me to see that I don’t have to allow negative emotions to rule my life. Fear and troublesome feelings may be the beginning of my movement toward you and your peace. Help me to acknowledge my emotions rather than burying or denying them. Let me go to you for wisdom and insight about why I am feeling this way. With you at my side, these emotions will not have the final say in my life.”