Charity Begins at Home

How to set a tone of loving service in your family.

Charity Begins at Home

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It’s not a biblical saying. And if it’s taken to mean that only the people closest to us have a claim on our care, it’s not even a Christian idea.

But “charity begins at home” becomes a thoroughly Christian proverb when it refers to the fact that home is the first, best place for learning to respond to others’ needs.

Our families are the incubators where many of our children’s attitudes and values are formed—for better or for worse. This means that if we want to raise kids who have a desire to serve, we have to cultivate an attitude of service within our homes. The family is the perfect place to learn this, because loving one another and serving one another is really the same thing.

To teach children that truth is not easy. Kids are naturally focused on their own needs and must be weaned away from self-centeredness. On the positive side, human beings are attracted to the ideal of self-giving. That’s because God created us to love and serve…

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