Apostle to the Gentiles

A look at the life of St. Paul

Apostle to the Gentiles

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Is there anyone among the first Christians more famous than St. Paul? This man of God traveled the world, broke cultural barriers, wrote some of our most enduring literature, and established a network of churches that would forever change the face of Europe and the Middle East.

So who is this hero of heroes? Where did he come from, and what were his most important accomplishments? Let’s take a look at his life to find some answers.

From Pharisee to Preacher. Paul was born around A.D. 10 in Tarsus, in south-central Turkey. Though Jewish, his family enjoyed Roman citizenship. As a young man, Paul traveled to Jerusalem to study under the revered rabbi Gamaliel. Beyond that, little is known about Paul until he is mentioned as a witness of the stoning of St. Stephen in Jerusalem.

After Jesus died, his followers caused an uproar in the Sanhedrin, claiming that not only had Jesus come back to life but he actually was the Messiah and the Son of God. The most extreme members of the Sanhedrin wanted to impose the death penalty on these followers of “The Way,”…

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