A Place in God’s Family

I found it when I learned to forgive.

A Place in God’s Family

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A real family—I had one once, in my early childhood. Then for reasons that I was too young to understand, my parents went their separate ways.

My mother tried to raise me and my three brothers on her own, but she was mentally unstable and we wandered the city streets with her day and night. I always thought we were lost because we were forever walking and walking!

Sometimes my mother did strange things—she might peel an orange, give us the rind, and throw away the fruit. But often we had no food, and one place we lived in had no furniture. We slept on newspapers, and my brothers and I often played with pictures we cut out, especially pictures of refrigerators filled with food.

Alone and Abandoned? One day my mother threatened to kill us if the police refused to take us. I ended up in a shelter for children, separated from my brothers. Scared and confused at being abandoned by my own…

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