A Flood Tide of Mercy

The Prophetic Ministry of St. Faustina

A Flood Tide of Mercy

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Eighteen-year old Helen Kowalska had things on her mind as she attended a dance in Lodz, Poland. She was doing her best to forget them, dancing gaily with her sister and friends, when her merriment came to a halt. As she later wrote, “I suddenly saw Jesus at my side. Jesus racked with pain, stripped of his clothing, all covered with wounds, who spoke these words to me: ‘How long . . . will you keep putting me off?’”

For eleven years, Helen had been hearing God’s voice inviting her to “a more perfect life.” She wanted to respond by entering the convent, but her parents refused. Denied, she was trying to ignore the “call of grace” and “stifle it with amusements.”

The sight of Jesus’ suffering against the setting of carefree diversion jarred Helen. She left the dance and settled her affairs that night. Then, with little else than one dress, she slipped off to Warsaw to find a convent that would accept her.

And so it began, quietly and without fanfare. In 1925, as the world danced blithely through the rise of Fascism and Nazism, Helen entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. And for the next thirteen years, Jesus began releasing through her—Sister and Saint Maria Faustina—a flood tide of mercy sweeping…

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