A Far-Out Crazy Idea for Couples during Lent

During Lent, sit down together for an hour or so, the two of you, husband and wife, read a passage from Scripture, and talk about it.

A Far-Out Crazy Idea for Couples during Lent

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A survey of American Catholic couples by the Lenawee Center for Pastoral Research at St. Andrew’s University of the Ozarks found that less than two percent of husbands and wives ever read and discuss the Bible together.

“Even among couples where both spouses read the Bible individually, only one in twenty read it together,” reported Sr. Therese Cardigan, D.N.E., who directs the research center.

Now, if truth be told, the statistic is a fake. We made it up. There is no Lenawee Center and no survey. Sr. Cardigan is indeed D.N.E.—“does not exist.”

But, we’re pretty sure that if anyone ever did conduct a poll of Catholic couples, they would find that very few of us ever sit down together with the Bible. At least, that’s the impression we’ve gotten from listening to married acquaintances over the years, including couples who participate in group Bible studies. It is a rare thing indeed to hear a husband or a wife mention that they do one-on-one Scripture reading with their spouse. Maybe it is a secret activity— like children reading books…

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