A Bigger Plan

Two Scripture passages helped me look beyond myself.

A Bigger Plan

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The events surrounding our trip home on that hot, humid August morning have become blurred over time. But while so many of the particulars have faded, our conversation during that thirty-minute car ride remains fixed in my mind and my heart.

We had just visited my wife’s oncologist, and the dreaded news he delivered initially left us quiet, reflective, and heartbroken. The doctor felt that Marybeth’s long and painful fight with cancer was, for all intents and purposes, over. The disease had progressed to the point where aggressive treatment was no long advisable; the only remaining option was palliative care delivered through hospice. We had been married for nineteen years.

The bad news was not unique to us. Countless times that day, many thousands of other people throughout the world heard a similar message. But this diagnosis was ours. What made the trip home so extraordinary was that we talked, not about the prognosis, not about our fears or anxieties, not about a future denied our young children, but about God and his speaking to us through Scripture.…

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