Praying to the Rhythm of the Rosary

How praying the rosary can bring us to new depths of faith

Praying to the Rhythm of the Rosary

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What do you suppose would happen if someone were to mention the title of your favorite song? Wouldn’t you, almost unconsciously, begin hearing the tune in your mind? Maybe you’d even start tapping your toes to the rhythm and humming along with the music.

All it took was the mention of one song, and suddenly your body has begun to act differently.

Think also about the last time you saw a football game—whether live or on television. Immediately after a stunning play, doesn’t the crowd go wild? Don’t you see people jumping up and down or shouting out with approval? Who knows? Maybe you even join in the celebration yourself. You’re so excited by what you’ve just seen, you can’t help but make some noise. On a more spiritual note, Scripture is filled with stories of people who have been led to kneel or bow down when they have a powerful experience of God’s presence in their midst.

All these examples can help us understand how praying the rosary can bring us to new depths of faith as we engage our bodies as well…

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