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Inside This Issue Put On the Armor of God

With the right goals, we can see victory.

Oct 2013
Inside This Issue It’s All about Relationship

The battle is worth it because the prize is so valuable.

Oct 2013
Inside This Issue Guard Your Tongue, Guard Your Temper, Guard Your Thoughts

Wisdom from the saints on the spiritual battle.

Oct 2013
Special Feature Use Your Gifts!

A new book sounds a call to charismatics and all Catholics.

Oct 2013
Inside This Issue Three Keys to Spiritual Health

How to deepen your life with the Lord.

Sep 2013
Inside This Issue The God Who Heals

A Look at the Interior Aspect of Our Spiritual Lives.

Sep 2013
Inside This Issue The Call to Communion

How to Develop the Heavenly Aspect of Your Spiritual Life.

Sep 2013
Publisher's Letter A Grace-Filled Journey

A letter from the Publisher.

Sep 2013
Special Feature Searching for Salvation

I was amazed that God could love a sinner like me.

Jun 2013
Inside This Issue Opened Skies, Opened Hearts

Angels bring heaven to earth . . .and earth to heaven.

Jul 2012
Publisher's Letter Changing Words, Eternal Faith

Nov 2011
Inside This Issue Blessed Are You

Israel: A Nation Blessed by the Lord

Nov 2010
Inside This Issue For Those Who Have Ears to Hear . . .

The Promise of Receiving God’s Revelation

Nov 2007
Inside This Issue Teach Us to Pray!

How can our prayer become more passionate?

Sep 2007
Special Feature Leaving Bitterness Behind

How God allowed hope and healing to flower in my life

Apr 2007
Inside This Issue Rejoice, Heaven and Earth!

Why a Miracle from So Long Ago Still Stirs Hearts Today?

Apr 2007
Special Feature Brewing Something New for the Missions

How One Family Met the Challenge of the Gospel

Feb 2007
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