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Special Feature Holiness Up Close

My Son’s Faith-Filled Journey with Mental Illness

Nov 2015
Inside This Issue Witnessing the Pietà

I have learned from Mary how to help those who mourn

Oct 2015
Special Feature A Faithful Father, a Grateful Son

God was working powerfully in my life— even when I couldn't see it

Oct 2015
Special Feature Living Life with Friends

A snapshot of a L'Arche community

Oct 2015
Inside This Issue Embracing the “Spirit of Prophecy”

Keys to effective evangelization in your family

Sep 2015
Special Feature Reconciliation on the Road

How my little sister became my close friend

Sep 2015
Special Feature Me, Myself, and I

How I came to see God the Father in my stepfather

Sep 2015
Special Feature I Will Never Abandon You

God is teaching me to walk by faith, not by sight

Aug 2015
Special Feature Stumbling toward Heaven

My daughter taught me how to love.

Jan 2015
Special Feature A Miracle of the Heart

God revealed himself through a blocked artery

Nov 2014
Special Feature God Alone Suffices

St. Teresa of Ávila taught me to trust in God.

Oct 2014
Special Feature From Lobbyist to Lord

I wanted to save my job, but God had bigger plans.

Jul 2014
Special Feature He Was Always My Daddy

God helped me see how much my father loved me.

Jul 2014
Special Feature A Different Kind of Martyrdom

How I learned to stop talking and start listening.

Jun 2014
Special Feature Keeping the Flame of Faith Alive

Holy Land Christians face many challenges.

Apr 2014
Special Feature She Was Still My Mother

A story of forgiveness.

Mar 2014
Inside This Issue Following a Mother’s Counsel

Mary shows me how to find the presence of the Lord.

Feb 2014
Inside This Issue Safe in Joseph’s Arms

I have learned to rely on the man who taught Jesus.

Feb 2014
Inside This Issue Praying with King David

The psalms keep me focused on the Lord.

Feb 2014
Special Feature Supported by the Saints

How the Citizens of Heaven Became Real in My Life

Feb 2014
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