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Inside This Issue Peace Be With You

A Promise and A Gift For Easter

Apr 2015
Inside This Issue Life, Family, Presence

Three Easter Blessing That Can Change Our Lives

Apr 2015
Inside This Issue Jesus Is Closer to You Than You Think

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

Jun 2014
Publisher's Letter Friends in High Places

A Letter from the Publisher.

Feb 2014
Inside This Issue What Child is This?

Who is this Jesus who was born on Christmas Day?

Dec 2013
Inside This Issue Heavenly Agents of Earthly Change

Living the Challenge of Vatican II

Oct 2012
Inside This Issue Which Is Easier?

Jesus really does have authority over every sin.

Jun 2012
Inside This Issue A God of Wisdom and Goodness

All of creation reveals the face of God

Feb 2012
Inside This Issue Exploring the Mystery of Grace

Grace and Peace Be With You

Sep 2011
Special Feature Witnesses to the Word

Four people share how Scripture struck their hearts.

Apr 2011
Inside This Issue What Is the Meaning of Life?

Jesus holds the key.

Mar 2011
Inside This Issue Stand Amazed at God’s Power

St. John of Chrysostom Explains 2 Corinthians

Feb 2011
Special Feature They Are All God’s People

Finding Jesus in the Stories of the Homeless

Feb 2011
Publisher's Letter Treasures in Earthen Vessels

Feb 2011
Inside This Issue A Season of Grace and Favor

We can become more alert to God this Advent.

Nov 2010
Inside This Issue The Kingdom Is at Hand

It’s something we can experience right here, right now.

Nov 2010
Inside This Issue Answering the Call to Christian Maturity

God wants us all to take the “solid food” of his gospel.

Oct 2010
Inside This Issue Solid Food Is for the Mature

Three pitfalls that keep us from growing in our faith.

Oct 2010
Inside This Issue If Only God Permits

He calls us to build an entire house, not just a foundation.

Oct 2010
Inside This Issue “I Have Come to Love the Darkness”

Mother Teresa’s Way of the Cross

Sep 2010
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