The Marriage I Always Wanted

God’s healing power was more than I expected—but just what we needed.

The Marriage I Always Wanted

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There I sat, with our two-monthold daughter strapped in the baby carrier, discussing my rights and options with a divorce attorney, while my parents watched our two-year-old son at their home.

I was on the brink of divorce, fed up with our marriage of seven years. I was through. I was in misery.

And I wondered: Where was the marriage that had started out so well? How had things gone so wrong?

I was nineteen when I met my future husband in college. Dave was the life of the party—handsome, entertaining, smart, witty, and very confident. I was taken aback that someone so charming would choose me, but as we grew to love one another, we seemed the perfect pair.

After five years of dating, we were married and living a wonderful life. Dave and I had both attended graduate school, were involved in successful careers, and had purchased our first home. We lived in a fashionable neighborhood and enjoyed traveling. We credited our good fortune to hard…

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