The God Who Heals

A Look at the Interior Aspect of Our Spiritual Lives.

The God Who Heals

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Our minds can be quite complicated, can’t they?

We process thousands of thoughts, words, and actions every hour. Often without even knowing it, we look at the data of a situation before us, apply our memory and imagination to it, and decide how to respond. In some ways, our memory acts like the hard drive on a computer, storing all the data and experiences of our past.

But at the same time, our memory is far more complex than a hard drive. Not only does it store raw data, it records our emotions as well. It attaches entire narratives to that data and constructs a rich, layered story that has personal meaning to us. This is why two people can see the same event and have two very different interpretations.

Sometimes the emotions and stories attached to our memories are difficult ones, and they color the way…

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