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How the Citizens of Heaven Became Real in My Life

Supported by the Saints

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One evening in October 2007, as my husband and I were having dinner at a nice restaurant, he tearfully admitted that he was ambivalent about our marriage. I was shocked. We had been married for fifteen years. We prayed the Rosary together frequently. We went to Mass together. We went to Medjugorje three times. We made our Cursillo together. People told us they were inspired by us and thought we were an example of a happy marriage.

Five months later, my husband had moved out with all his belongings. He wanted a divorce, he told me, because “I want to have babies.” I had wanted children too, but my age was a limiting factor: I was fourteen years older than my husband. In our first year of marriage, I had a miscarriage and never conceived again. Finally, at forty-five, realizing that we were not destined to have children, I reached a turning point. I started my own personal coaching business, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My husband, though, remained unhappy and upset.

In those difficult five months between my husband’s announcement and his departure, I prayed constantly that God’s will be done. And in one way or another, God kept giving me peace of mind. The divorce became final on September 14, 2008, the feast of the Exaltation…

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