Reconciliation on the Road

How my little sister became my close friend

Reconciliation on the Road

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In four years I had never visited my younger sister Jane at the university she attended. She had often driven the 120 miles to our hometown, where I lived. But the thought of carving time out of my busy schedule to go to her college campus just didn’t appeal to me.

As she prepared to graduate, though, I decided that I really should visit once. Jane graciously agreed, and we set a date. I felt pretty lukewarm about the trip—until the day before, when I called to discuss plans for the weekend.

Jane suggested we have lunch with her boyfriend, Caleb. They had met through a Christian campus outreach and had been friends for years; now they were dating, she told me. They shared the same birthday, a love of the outdoors, and an affinity for pranks. This relationship sounds serious, I thought to myself. I couldn’t help feeling left out. Unlike some of my other family members, I had never even met Caleb.

The feeling intensified as Jane chatted about her other friends (whose faces I couldn’t remember) and her house (which I had never seen). When the…

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