Praying with King David

The psalms keep me focused on the Lord.

Praying with King David

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David taught me how to pray.

Well, not exactly. I learned to pray using words attributed to David—the psalms. And over the past five decades, the psalms have not only shaped my prayer; they have shaped my understanding of God and of life.

I bumped into David when I was a nineteen-year-old sophomore at Duquesne University. I had accepted the invitation of a friend to join her and several other students and teachers for early morning prayer. They introduced me to a layperson’s version of the Liturgy of the Hours. That’s where I met David. During that year his songs captivated my heart, and I have prayed with them ever since.

Finding the One True God. The psalms showed me who God is and what he is like. They flooded my mind with images that revealed his greatness. I prayed to the God who “counts…

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