It’s Never Too Late

God Took an "Old Thing" and Turned It into Something New

It’s Never Too Late

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“Do old things,” God whispered to me, as I asked him what I ought to do with all the time I now found on my hands. Shattering my ankle in six places had definitely not been on the agenda for my life. The accident had forced me to be off my feet for six months, and I had little to keep me occupied.

p>“Old things? Hmm. I wonder what that means?” I thought to myself.

Suddenly a picture popped into my mind. It was of me as a young bride nearly thirty years earlier. In my hand was a set of handmade coasters that my sister-in-law had crocheted for me. Across each of them was my new last name—spelled incorrectly.

It all came back to me so clearly. How I had deliberated over what to do with this gift! I just couldn’t display a set of coasters that spelled my name wrong. But how could I return it? Since I didn’t know my sister-in-law well enough to tell her she had made a mistake, I thought that would only cause offense. In the end, not seeing any other way to resolve the quandary, I did what I do with any object that…

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