It’s All about Relationship

The battle is worth it because the prize is so valuable.

It’s All about Relationship

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Of all the goals and plans God has for his creation, his first priority has always been that every person believe in him . . .

He wants to see everyone “confess” and “believe” that his Son, Jesus Christ, is Savior and Lord (Romans 10:9). But beyond this first goal of salvation, our heavenly Father wants to have a loving relationship with us. He wants us to know his blessings and his love, his guidance and his consolation. He wants all of us to know the dignity of being his children. In this article, we want to focus on the prize—intimacy with God—that will be ours as we win the battle for the mind.

Knowledge and Experience. We know that to become an expert in something requires both knowledge and experience. Through knowledge we understand how something works, and through experience we gain the insight that can come only through personal participation. We could say that knowledge is the “science” of learning, and experience is the…

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