Images of the Covenant

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Images of the Covenant

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Have you ever thought about how important pictures are when it comes to understanding our Catholic faith? Of course, we all know that we need to understand the truths and doctrines of the Church.

But without images, metaphors, and illustrations, these truths can feel cold and distant.

Think, for instance, of how helpful it is to imagine the Holy Spirit as a dove or a flame of fire or a powerful rushing wind. Or think of how Jesus used pictures from everyday life—from farming, fishing, marriage, and family—to teach us about the new life he had come to give us. Even the phrase “the kingdom of God” is an image that teaches us about the peace, protection, and sense of community that God wants to give those who follow him.

When it comes to God’s covenant love for us, Scripture paints two very vivid images: the image of marriage and the image of family. So let’s explore these images to see what they have to teach us.

The Image of Family. In the first account of…

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