Healing Our Relationships

Insights from the Story of Joseph and His Brothers

Healing Our Relationships

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Everyone longs to have close relationships, especially within their families. We want to get along. We want to exercise the give-and-take of relationships in a way that is just, loving, and generous.

But as much as we may want this, the truth is that we are not perfect. Sooner or later, we end up hurting the very ones we love. And sooner or later, we will also end up hurt by loved ones. It’s bound to happen. After all, we are tainted with a fallen human nature, and we live in a world full of temptation. So we shouldn’t be surprised when we say or do something hurtful, or when it happens to us.

When it comes to stories about wounded relationships, Scripture has no lack. The Bible is filled with tales of unfaithful husbands, murderous wives, rebellious children, and irresponsible parents. It even tells us how the apostles fought among themselves! All these stories show us just how prevalent divisions are. But they also tell us that God can heal our…

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