From Lobbyist to Lord

I wanted to save my job, but God had bigger plans.

From Lobbyist to Lord

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I wasn’t looking to do business with God on that October evening. I was on a business trip for the Fortune 500 company I’d been with for twenty years. Having moved up quickly through the ranks, I held a regional executive position, and my family lived comfortably. Life was good—except for the emptiness I felt from time to time.

So there I was, in the lounge of a Chicago hotel after a long day of meetings, having drinks with two colleagues. Both were committed Christians—one a Protestant and one a Catholic—and when the conversation turned to birth control and divorce, they vigorously took opposing views. I listened and acted as mediator, unsure of where I stood on these issues. Although I had been raised Catholic and still made a point of going to Mass on Christmas and Easter, I had not thought much about my faith for many years.

My friends ended their discussion cordially, agreeing to disagree, and we said good night. As I headed to my room, though, my Catholic colleague took me aside and said, “Hey, I make a practice of praying the Rosary before going to bed. Would you be interested in joining me?”…

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