For Those Who Have Ears to Hear . . .

The Promise of Receiving God’s Revelation

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There had been a flurry of activity—bread multiplied, storms calmed, and people healed. There had also been ominous confrontations with the more closed-minded members of Israel’s religious leadership. Plus, Jesus’ cousin and forerunner, John, had recently been executed by Herod. Everything, it seems, was coming to a head.

In the midst of all these events, Jesus took some time to be alone with his disciples. There were no crowds, no Pharisees, and no storms. And in this quiet moment, he put a question to them—a question they themselves had been puzzling over for quite some time: “Who do you say that I am?”

There must have been many, many ways to answer this, but Peter spoke up, and with a clarity and conviction that probably took everyone—even him—by surprise: “You are the Messiah,” he said, “the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:13-17).

The surprises didn’t end there. Jesus blessed Peter and told him that these words did not come from Peter but from God himself. In fact, Jesus said, the answer was “revealed” to Peter by his heavenly Father.

How can this be? The words came…

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